Post Graduate -Transfer/Pathway

Keystone College’s in continue efforts to provide you better opportunity brings options to further your education at a Canadian University or College with recognition of your previous academics achievement at Keystone College in forms of transferable credits

Let’s understand to keep it simple:

  • Enroll and complete your program at Keystone College.
  • Apply to partner University/College for acceptance and get block transfers to their programs (degree/diplomas)
  • You will earn diploma from Keystone College and also opportunity to further complete your education at partner institute
  • Complete the program at partner institute and apply for Post-Graduation Word Permit (PGWD) to secure a job in Canada for a maximum of 3 years after graduation*.
Please refer articulation/pathway agreements for more details.
Keystone Program Course Completed Partner Institution Program Partner’s Institution Course Credits Available
Diploma in Business Administration 12 Courses UCW Bachelor of Commerce 11 Courses /40 Courses
Post Graduate Diploma in Project Management 9 Courses UCW Master in Business Administration 4 Courses/15 Courses
Hospitality Management 12 Courses VCC Bachelor of Hospitality Management Entry to 3rd Year
NOTE: Minimum GPA of B (2.50/4.33) and successful completion bridging courses at VCC. Student will get Diploma on completion of Bridging courses and Degree at completion of Bachelor program.