Salon Services

Keystone College Hair Salon Experience Professional Care with Student Talent

Welcome to Keystone College Hair Salon, where our talented students are honing their skills under the guidance of experienced professionals. We offer a range of salon services that cater to your beauty needs. Sit back, relax, and let our students create your perfect look.

(Includes Blow-Dry/Style)

Service Price
Color retouch (1/2″ regrowth area only) $45
Retouch and all-over glaze $50
All-over color $50

*Prices may vary depending on the length and density of hair.

(Includes Toner and Style)

Service Price
Full Head $70
Partial Head $50
T Zone (4 each side, 6 on top) $40
Cap Highlights $35
Individual Foil $6
Retouch (lightener) $45
Full Head (lightener) $70+
Baylage $70+

*Corrective color is by consultation only; quotes are not given over the phone.


Service Price
Basic Perm $60
Spiral Perm $80
*For dense hair: add $10 for each extra bottle of solution needed.

(Include Shampoo/Conditioning and Blow-Dry Style)

Service Price
All haircuts $14
Bang Trim (no charge for repeat clients) $5
Beard trim $5

(Includes Shampooing)

Service Price
Blowout $15
Sets (rollers or thermal set) $15
Special Occasion or Up-Do $25
Braids (starting at) $15

(Includes Blowout)

Service Price
Deep Conditioning Protein Treatment $35
Moisturizing/Hydrating Treatment $20

At Keystone College Hair Salon, our students are passionate about providing exceptional service while perfecting their craft. Under the guidance of skilled instructors, they bring fresh perspectives and creativity to every client they work with.

Our salon provides a nurturing environment where our students can refine their skills and gain real-world experience. By choosing Keystone College Hair Salon, you not only support their education but also receive high-quality services at affordable prices.

Contact us today to book an appointment and discover the talent of our aspiring professionals.

For Appointment, Call: 778-820-2022