About Surrey BC

The Future Lives Here. Surrey BC is the destination and community for families, individuals and businesses. Here the diverse community speaks over 100 different languages. Surrey is a growing city that welcomes roughly 1,000 new residents each month. And is a youthful city, with 1/3 of our population under the age of 19.

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Discover what the City of Surrey has to offer and why the future lives here.

Preschool Daycare

There are a number of independently run daycares and preschools operating at schools throughout Surrey school district. If you are interested in starting a daycare or preschool in a school, please contact the Facility Rentals department.

Aboriginal Learning

The Aboriginal Educational Council has developed a protocol for acknowledging the traditional territories of the Coast Salish People in which our district resides. In addition to school and district supports, Aboriginal students receive additional education enhancement services from the Education Services, Aboriginal Education. The services are provided by:

  • Aboriginal Child and Youth Care Workers
  • Education Assistants
  • District Cultural Facilitators
  • Teacher Advocates (Secondary Schools)
  • District Aboriginal Helping Teachers
  • Aboriginal Transitions Facilitator
  • District Principal
  • Administrative Staff

Online/Distance Education

Thousands of Surrey students are achieving academic success through Surrey Academy of Innovative Learning. A “distributed” learning environment, SAIL is one of the largest schools of its kind in B.C., offering program options to elementary, secondary and even adult students.

Students in distributed learning programs receive most of their instruction online and do most of their work outside the classroom. Students receive ongoing regular assessments, report cards, letter grades and a permanent student record the same as students in a neighbourhood school.

Special Needs Support

Surrey Schools provide specialised assistance in areas such as behavioural and emotional support for students with special needs, including:

  • adapted physical activities program for students with disabilities
  • behaviour specialists
  • occupational therapists
  • physiotherapists
  • school psychologists
  • special education helping teachers
  • speech language pathologists
  • gifted program
  • hospital/homebound program, and
  • Welcome Centre: Support for English Language Learners