Student Policies

Academic Conduct

Learners can contact Support Staff or relevant trainers to discuss academic, attendance, or other issues relevant to studying at Keystone College at any time. Support staff will provide advice and guidance, or referral, where required. In the event that a learner’s needs exceed the capacity of the support services Keystone College can offer, they will be referred to an appropriate external agency. Information regarding support agencies, resources and services may be sourced online. Keystone College staff members will assist learners to source appropriate support. Flexible delivery and assessment procedures Keystone College staff will pursue any reasonable means within their ability to assist learners in achieving the required competency standards. In the event that a learner’s needs exceed the capacity of the support services at Keystone College, college will refer learner to an appropriate external agency.

Keystone College will allow for reasonable adjustments given that the standards expected should be the same irrespective of the group and / or individual being assessed. Reasonable adjustment means adjustments that can be made to the way in which evidence of learner performance can be collected. Whilst reasonable adjustments can be made in terms of the way in which evidence of performance is gathered, the evidence criteria for pass/fail decisions (and / or awarding grades) should not be altered in any way. 

Additional support may be provided to learners in the following situations but not limited to:

• English language, Literacy and Numeracy difficultly• Personal problems
• Difficulty with study load
• Non-participation in class activities
• Not following Keystone College policies and procedures while on campus
• Any disability which may impact on the ability to participate successfully in Learning and Assessment Personal / Social issues Many issues can affect learner’s social and/or personal life and all learners have access to the Support Staff to gain advice and guidance on personal issues, accommodation, or family / friend issues. Where further support is required, a referral to appropriate support services will be organised and Keystone College will not charge any fees for this referral.

Critical incidents are not limited to, but could include:

• missing learner/s or staff member/s;
• severe verbal or psychological aggression;
• death, serious injury or any threat of these;
• natural disaster; and
• issues such as domestic violence, sexual assault, drug or alcohol abuse Non life-threatening events could still qualify as critical incidents.