Student Policies

Student Admission Policy


Keystone College is committed to providing accurate information and guidance to prospective students to ensure they make informed decisions about their program of study. Keystone College’s admission criteria is well publicized and applied consistently. Entry assessment tools and admission requirements ensure students have the required language competencies, and the basic knowledge, skills and abilities to achieve program outcomes. The admission requirements can’t be waived by either the student or Keystone College.

Students are hereby advised to check the following policies before making application to the college through website/portal/soft copy or request specifically if needed hard copy

  • Tuition and Refund Policy
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Grade Appeal Policy
  • Student Rights Statement
  • Withdrawal Policy
  • Dismissal Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Respectful and Fair Treatment of students
  • Program Outline (would be part of contract as applicable)
  • Language Proficiency Assessment Policy (if applicable)


Procedure for Students

The admission process begins when prospective students contact our school expressing an interest in one of our approved offered programs.

The initial response to the prospective students emails or telephone call/ other means will be conducted by our office administrator. They will obtain the student’s name and contact information and determine exactly what the student is seeking to achieve as well as the time frame. After this has been determined, student would be accessed and advised on the selected program by staff.

Admission Officer/Admin will explain the entire process for enrollment in a specific chronological order for the course applied for. Initial concerns will be addressed i.e., course availability, contract and payment procedures, students’ obligations, and start and finish dates.

With standardization of Keystone College’s Admissions Policy, each potential student will receive the same service, information, and treatment.